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Central Company - Manpower Corporation for Construction

Central Company operates as a manpower corporation for construction since 2020, providing workers for the construction sector. The company's managers have many years of experience in operating and employing thousands of workers, and placing hundreds of workers during the company's years of activity

Our Employees

Licensing for Employment of Workers

The 'Central' company holds a license for the employment of foreign workers in the construction sector and is authorized to provide workers for the execution of foundation building, finishing and infrastructure according to professional procedures.

Workers from a variety of countries
The foreign workers coming to us from Moldova, Ukraine, and China represent our high-quality human resource
Continuous Growth
The company employs hundreds of workers across the country and is in a process of continuous growth
Professionalism and Experience
The foreign workers possess professional training and proven experience. They underwent professional screening before arriving in Israel
Full Support
The workers receive full support from the company, including on-site management, insurance, housing, medical assistance, safety training, and all other needs according to bilateral agreements

Among our clients

The largest and leading construction and infrastructure companies in the country

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The group encompasses additional companies that provide comprehensive solutions:

Mashov Taasuka Ltd.

Recruitment and Placement of Manpower


Y.B. HaMenofaim Ltd.
A company for the supply of crane operators, licensed by the Ministry of Economy and Industry

Eshkol Dan Construction Ltd.

A contracting company for construction works, workers from other territories

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For more information, please contact us: CEO - Yossi Ben Shitrit: 050-5324661
Customer Relations Manager – Eliko: 055-5617573, Amir: 053-6233558
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